Yes, I am coming soon! - Jesus

About End Time Disciple

Welcome to End Time Disciple. My name is Jared Nel, and I’m here helping you live ready for Jesus’ return.

End Time Disciple is a Christian online ministry where I hope to serve you with common sense teaching and practical encouragement for living in these end times. The acronym “ETD” also represents the 3 main types of content that we’ll be exploring together:

  • Eschatology – End time stuff.
  • Theology – God and Bible stuff.
  • Discipleship – Following Jesus today stuff.

What platforms can you enjoy ETD on?

I’ll be delivering content on several platforms just in case I get censored or banned on one. These platforms currently include:

About me

I’m a lover and disciple of Jesus. My heart is to see, (a) the body of Christ become the beautiful, spotless Bride that Jesus is returning for, and (b) those who aren’t followers of Jesus yet become true disciples of our soon returning King.

Born in Africa and raised in a ministry family, I’ve had the incredible privilege of experiencing the radical love and power of God at work from big city churches to tiny rural villages. While coming from a non-denominational background, I celebrate God’s immeasurable grace revealed in the diversity and unity of the worldwide church. I believe Jesus offers eternal life to every human being, and that we will all see Him soon, either as our Saviour or as our Judge. My mission is to tell the whole world that Jesus is coming soon and to help us all live ready for that glorious day!

For more info about me personally, please check out my personal website at

Important disclaimer!

It’s a real honor and a privilege to serve you, and I hope that the content I put out helps you grow in your journey with God. But ETD should never be the primary authority in your life. The Bible and the Holy Spirit should always be the primary authority in your life. Next, you should be connected to a healthy church family where you can be loved, nourished, corrected, challenged, and equipped to play your part in God’s Kingdom.

All the content I put out is based on my own journey with God and reflects my current understanding based on my own experiences as well as the experiences of others that I greatly respect. I hold all my views carefully and humbly, always open to the Holy Spirit’s correction. I do not have all the answers and you should never trust me or any other human being to be your only source of truth. I am simply a disciple following Jesus, trusting Him every day, and enjoying the journey as we all try to live ready for His return.